Principles of Regenerative Medicine

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Principles of Regenerative Medicine, Third Edition, details the technologies and advances applied in recent years to strategies for healing and generating tissue. Contributions from a stellar cast of researchers cover the biological and molecular basis of regenerative medicine, highlighting stem cells, wound healing and cell and tissue development. Advances in cell and tissue therapy, including replacement of tissues and organs damaged by disease and previously untreatable conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and renal failure are also incorporated to provide a view to the future and framework for additional studies.

Key Features
Comprehensively covers the interdisciplinary field of regenerative medicine with contributions from leaders in tissue engineering, cell and developmental biology, biomaterials sciences, nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, bioengineering and surgery
Includes new chapters devoted to iPS cells and other alternative sources for generating stem cells as written by the scientists who made the breakthroughs
Edited by a world-renowned team to present a complete story of the development and promise of regenerative medicine
Advanced students and researchers in regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, developmental biology, and bioengineering

Table of Contents
PART I: Biologic and Molecular Basis for Regenerative Medicine
PART II: Cells and Tissue Development
PART III: Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine
PART IV: Therapeutic Applications
Section A: Cell Therapy
Section B: Tissue Therapy
PART V: Regulation and Ethics

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