Wilderness EMS

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Wilderness EMS is designed for EMS providers and leaders who deliver medical care in the wilderness, and those practicing wilderness medicine as part of a formal team.
The textbook is a comprehensive, expertly-written reference ideal for this fast-changing and multidisciplinary specialty. This first-of-its-kind text provides specialized instruction and best practices for wilderness EMS practitioners and students – crucial information for the success of today’s rescue missions. A strong foundation in evidence-based medicine, clinical experience, and field applicability makes it especially useful for any EMS provider in a wilderness environment.

Addresses WEMS system needs: education, incident command, medical oversight, medicolegal considerations, equipment needs, research, and pharmacology, promoting strong skills in multiagency interactions and transitions of care. Extensive discussion of history of wilderness EMS, including first-ever comprehensive timeline.
Covers wilderness, austere, and remote management of specific medical and traumatic conditions, including cold injuries and heat illnesses, lightning injuries, animal bites and envenomations, psychiatric emergencies, low-pressure altitude and high-pressure diving physiology and illnesses, drowning, infectious disease, and much more.
Offers information on basic rigging and patient packaging; high- and low-angle rescue; swiftwater and open water rescue; use of ground and air-based rescue vehicles; caving rescue; Search and Rescue (SAR); mountaineering rescue; and wilderness management of special events and severe storms.
Features a full-color format with abundant photographs, illustrations, tables, boxes, and references for further study.
Includes the most comprehensive list available of WEMS abbreviations for clear communication, and extensive discussion of optimizing language use for clarity in wilderness EMS operations and publications.
Presents the expert guidance and knowledge of contributing authors from throughout the U.S., including physicians, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, statewide and local EMS medical directors, therapists, rescue team chiefs, pharmacologists, SAR team members, swiftwater rescue technicians, and many more.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Wilderness EMS Systems
Chapter 2: Wilderness EMS Education
Chapter 3: Wilderness EMS Incident Command Medical Direction
Chapter 4: Wilderness EMS Medical Oversight
Chapter 5: Medicolegal Considerations of Wilderness EMS Care
Chapter 6: The Interface of Wilderness EMS, Professional Organizations/Guides, and Other EMS Agencies
Chapter 7: Wilderness EMS Equipment
Chapter 8: Wilderness EMS Research
Chapter 9: Wilderness Event Management
Chapter 10: Psychological First Aid
Chapter 11: Pharmacology

Chapter 12: Personal Safety/Survival Principles
Chapter 13: Management of Cold Injuries
Chapter 14: Management of Heat Injuries
Chapter 15: Management of High Altitude Injuries
Chapter 16: Management of Submersion Injuries
Chapter 17: Management of Diving Injuries
Chapter 18: Management of Lightning Injuries & Storms
Chapter 19: Management of Animal Bites and Envenomations
Chapter 20: Management of Infectious Diseases
Section 1
Section 2
Chapter 21: Behavioral Medicine
Chapter 22: General Management of Trauma in the Wilderness Environment
Chapter 23: General Management of Medical Conditions in the Wilderness Environment

Chapter 24: Technical Rescue Interface Introduction: Principles of Basic Rigging, Packaging and Rope Skills
Chapter 25: Technical Rescue Interface: High Angle and Low Angle Rescue
Chapter 26: Technical Rescue Interface: Swiftwater Rescue
Chapter 27: Technical Rescue Interface: Open Water Rescue
Chapter 28: Technical Rescue Interface: All Terrain Vehicle, Off-road Vehicle, and Helicopter Rescue
Chapter 29: Technical Rescue Interface: Caving Rescue
Chapter 30: Technical Rescue Interface: Search & Rescue and non-Snow/Glacier Mountaineering Rescue
Chapter 31: Technical Rescue Interface: Ski Patrols and Mountaineering Rescue in the Snow or Glaciated Environment

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