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Complications of Regional Anesthesia "Principles of Safe Practice in Local and Regional Anesthesia"

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  • Fecha 15-06-2017
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Each chapter is thoroughly revised and brought up-to-date
Patient safety and prevention emphasized
Expanded color illustrations
Review of clinically relevant pathophysiology

Reflecting the rapid growth of pain medicine and of ultrasound as a tool, this Third Edition is more comprehensive and inclusive than previous editions and features additional pages, tables, diagrams, and color illustrations. In addition to the discipline of Anesthesiology, other specialists, who use local and regional anesthesia techniques, (surgeons, ophthalmologists, emergency medicine physicians and dentists), have also contributed to this edition of the book. Complications of Regional Anesthesia, with its newly added subtitle, Principles of Safe Practice in Local and Regional Anesthesia, stresses the relatively new emphasis and importance on safety and prevention and broadens the discussion to include the practice and administration of not just regional but also local anesthesia.
Each chapter has been thoroughly revised, brought up-to-date, and features full color images. Individual chapters cover complications associated with specific nerve blocks; IV and catheter methods; obstetric regional anesthesia; pediatric regional anesthesia; ophthalmic regional anesthesia; and treatment of acute and chronic pain

Table of contents (35 chapters)
The History of Local and Regional Anesthesia
Finucane, Brendan T.
Pages 3-13
Regional Anesthesia Safety
McIntyre, John W. R. (et al.)
Pages 15-40
Local Anesthetic Toxicity: Prevention and Management
Dillane, Derek
Pages 41-54
Outcome Studies Comparing Regional and General Anesthesia
O’Donnell, Brian (et al.)
Pages 55-63
Nerve Injury Resulting from Intraneural Injection When Performing Peripheral Nerve Block
Sondekoppam, Rakesh V. (et al.)
Pages 67-101
Regional Anesthesia in the Presence of Neurologic Disease
Shepler, John (et al.)
Pages 103-112
Evaluation of Neurologic Injury Following Regional Anesthesia
Hogan, Quinn (et al.)
Pages 113-137
Regional Anesthesia and Anticoagulation
Bolash, Robert B. (et al.)
Pages 139-148
Infection in Association with Local and Regional Anesthesia
Horlocker, Terese T. (et al.)
Pages 149-165
Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks Safe Practice and Management
Geffen, Geert-Jan (et al.)
Pages 167-185
Complications of Regional Anesthesia: Upper and Lower Extremity Blockade
Choi, Stephen (et al.)
Pages 189-198
Complications of Thoracic Wall Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia
Lee, Christine (et al.)
Pages 199-218
Abdominal Wall Blocks: Safe Practice and Management of Adverse Events
Griffiths, James D. (et al.)
Pages 219-225
Epidural Blockade: Safe Practice and Management of Adverse Events
Gaff, Steven J.
Pages 227-244
Spinal Anesthesia: Safe Practice and Management of Adverse Events
Tarkkila, Pekka
Pages 245-258
Complications of Regional Anesthesia in Chronic Pain Therapy
Flamer, David (et al.)
Pages 261-285
Local and Regional Anesthesia in the Elderly
Gragasin, Ferrante S. (et al.)
Pages 287-301
Local and Regional Analgesia for Labor and Delivery
Chan, Yoo Kuen (et al.)
Pages 303-317
Local and Regional Anesthesia in the Obese Patients
Lemmens, Hendrikus J. M.
Pages 319-325
Local and Regional Anesthesia in Pediatrics
Jose Maria, Belen
Pages 327-338
Local and Regional Anesthesia in Dental and Oral Surgery
Malamed, Stanley F. (et al.)
Pages 341-358
Local and Regional Anesthesia in the Emergency Room
Herring, Andrew A.
Pages 359-367
Recognizing and Mitigating Risk of Ophthalmic Regional Anesthesia
Wakeman, Brad (et al.)
Pages 369-380
Local Infiltration Analgesia for Orthopedic Joint Surgery
Ganapathy, Sugantha (et al.)
Pages 381-398
Local and Regional Anesthesia in Plastic Surgery: Safety Considerations and Management of Adverse Events
Mesa, John (et al.)
Pages 399-409
Development and Methodology of a Registry of Regional Anaesthesia
Barrington, Michael J.
Pages 413-420
Australia: Results of a Multicenter Registry of Regional Anesthesia
Barrington, Michael J.
Pages 421-427
Canada: Medical Legal Aspects of Regional Anesthesia Practice
Smedstad, Kari G. (et al.)
Pages 429-434
France: Regional Anesthesia Morbidity Study
Benhamou, Dan
Pages 435-440
Nordic Countries: Principles of Safe Practice in Local and Regional Anesthesia
Pitkänen, Mikko T.
Pages 441-444
United Kingdom: Recent Advances in the Safety and Prevention of Regional Anesthesia Complications
McLeod, Graeme A.
Pages 445-449
United States: Complications Associated with Regional Anesthesia (An American Society of Anesthesiologists’ Closed Claims Analysis)
Kent, Christopher (et al.)
Pages 451-462
United States: Chronic Pain Management (American Society of Anesthesiologists’ Closed Claims Project)
Santora, Albert H.
Pages 463-470
Medical Legal Aspects of Regional Anesthesia: Physician Perspective
Santora, Albert H.
Pages 473-482
Medical Legal Aspects of Regional Anesthesia: Legal Perspective
Toy-Cronin, Bridgette (et al.)
Pages 483-488

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