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EQ-5d Value Sets "Inventory, Comparative Review and User Guide"

  • EDITOR Kluwer Academic Pb.
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  • ISBN 978-1-4020-5510-2
  • EAN 9781402055102
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  • Fecha 01-12-2006
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  • Año 2006
This book provides an essential guide to the use of the EuroQol Group's value sets for anyone working with EQ-5D data. The EQ-5D is one of the most widely-used generic health state descriptive systems internationally, with applications in clinical trials, public health research and assessments of value for money. In addition to providing a way of describing health and health improvement, the EQ-5D facilitates the valuation of health and health gain through its pre-existing value sets, spanning a wide range of countries and continents. This book brings together, for the first time, a comprehensive inventory of these value sets and their characteristics. Further, in response to frequent requests from users of EQ-5D data for advice on valuation, the book provides clear guidance to users on how to choose which value set to use, for what purpose. 'This short volume will be of great value to methodologists seeking to understand the valuation systems that underlie the EQ-5D. It's user-friendly organization will assist analysts and other members of the health services research community in determining appropriate valuation sets for studies that rely on the EuroQol instrument' - Marthe Gold, (Logan) Professor of Community Health and Social Medicine, City University of New York Medical School, US. 'This book usefully draws together, for the first time, information on the EuroQol Group's value sets of estimated utilities around the world. An important contribution of this book is that analysts now can - and should - use its reporting of the many value sets available to check the extent to which an estimate of the QALY gain of an intervention varies when different sets of estimated utilities are used' - Alastair Fischer, Health Economist, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), UK. 'Finally! EuroQoL value sets all in one place, together with some guidance on how to put them to best effect. A handy reference to keep in reach' - Matthew Brougham, Acting Chie

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