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Handbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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Pediatric Emergency Medicine provides concise but comprehensive information on the diagnosis, investigation and management of a range of conditions presenting themselves to both accident and emergency departments and paediatricians. Particular attention is paid, through evidence-based material, to the most serious and frequently occurring conditions. The book incorporates the most recent advances in paediatrics and is internationally acceptable in terms of the guidelines for treatment as it is written by consultants from USA, Australia and the UK. The book also considers both the individual needs of the child as a patient and the needs of the family.

Ch 1. Introduction (P.O. Brennan)

Ch 2. Pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation and life threatening emergencies
(K. Berry, S. Verma and D. Moore)
Ch 3. Shock (B. Stanhope)
Ch 4. Cardiac emergencies (C. Powell)
Ch 5. Respiratory emergencies (C. Powell)
Ch 6. Neurological emergencies (C. Powell)
Ch 7. Gastrointestinal emergencies and abdominal pain (M. Smith, W.A. McCallion and C. Powell)
Ch 8. Endocrine emergencies (C. Powell)
Ch 9. Renal emergencies (C. Powell and L.T. Reade)
Ch 10. Genital emergencies (M. Smith and W.A. McCallion) Ch 11. Haematological emergencies (C. Powell)
Ch 12. Psychiatric emergencies (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 13. Dermatological emergencies (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 14. Poisoning in children (S. Denniston, M. Riordan, K. Berry and K. Lendrum)
Ch 15. The crying baby/infant distress (C. Powell)
Ch 16. Febrile child under 3 years (C. Powell)

Ch 17. Major trauma – general (M. Pusic)
Ch 18. Specific major trauma (S. Gordon and M. Pusic)
Ch 19. Head injury (S. Ali and M. Pusic)
Ch 20. Emergency burn management including smoke inhalation (S. Gordon and K. Lendrum)
Ch 21. Skeletal injuries (K.J.L. Black and M. Pusic)
Ch 22. Minor trauma (M. Pusic and P.O. Brennan)
Ch 23. Bacterial soft tissue infections (A. Freeburn and M.B.H. Smith)
Ch 24. Ocular emergencies (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 25. Emergency of the ear, nose and throat (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 26. Dental emergencies (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 27. Child abuse (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 28. Animal bites and stings (L.M. Evered)

Ch 29. Immunization (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 30. Pain management (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 31. Transport of the seriously ill child (G. Pearson)
Ch 32. The dead and dying child (P.O. Brennan)
Ch 33. Medicolegal issues (P.O. Brennan)
Emergency formulary

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